205 regulations implementing the law, the municipal council will be able to adopt a resolution to move the third grade, all children to primary school branch established in the place of the former gymnasium.

When it is time to prepare for the next day? – he said. Broniarz emphasized that a large proportion of students commute to school, so the house is later. In each province we can provide dozens of examples. Many executives informed us that school canteens are working from 10 am – 10.30 am, to catch spend lunches for all students – he added. Broniarz indicated that class size has also increased. Municipalities form a class of 35, 40, 40 paroosobowe. The record is in the Team Technical Schools in Plock, which is a class in this team has 45 students – he said.

Read more Polish school parents’ eyes? “Friendly to children, but expensive.” REPORT Head of the PNA also referred to staff shortages in schools. We also have a huge problem with teaching staff, because many teachers have decided (…) to leave school for economic reasons. The government this ill-conceived reform drastically worsened conditions for the education of children, pupils and education space and working conditions of teachers – he said. We expect the Minister urgently submit a report, based on a system of educational information that will show what number (teachers – PAP) was released in the current school year, what number do not have a signed employment contracts which the number of teachers has been forced to retire or the provision of compensation, while presenting a report on the number of missing teachers in the school. According to media reports, apparently we are looking for approx. 11,000 people, teachers.

These schools do not have teachers. (…) events and emotions that accompanied the strike meant that many of my colleagues decided to leave the profession. In this survey, which was conducted + Voice + Teachers can see that every other teacher is considering such a chance, such an opportunity – Broniarz said. He also appealed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education to stop for a while parliamentary campaign and “try to help students, parents, local governments in this very difficult situation.” Asked by journalists about the increases for teachers in the next year, he said: The budget 2020 does not have a penny to an increase in teachers’ salaries. Subsidy calculated year on year does not cover the effects of the passing of wage growth. So we fear that this assumed or alleged wage growth in 2020 can be at the expense of something.

I remind you that the Law and Justice deputy on strike during the negotiations suggested that we agreed to increase working time to 23-24 hours a week, I’m talking about teaching load (…) declaring a hypothetical increase in wages, which, incidentally, did not cover the costs and effects of that so to say economic growth this time. So far these are empty declarations, empty promises. Education Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky during Thursday’s press conference, said that next year is planned another round of increase in teachers’ salaries – about 6 per cent., But do not know since when. Soon explicitly state from which point – the head of Ministry of Education. He also said that “the number of pupils in classes governments are responsible, their competence.” According Piontkowskiego if governments did not think in perspective, it’s actually in some schools students “may have a problem.” The law, which profoundly changes the Polish education, passed by Parliament in express pace – to work on calculating 700 pages documents enough MPs 17 days. The Minister Anna Zalewska was present at almost every session of both chambers and the Sejm and Senate committees on the project. Speaking in parliament and explaining the reforms, however, often passed from the truth.

Read more Minister Zalewska the opposition can not change the date of entry into force of the reform “[Colleges] are waiting for it to adopt this year, double vintage, which is still 5 years ago there was only vintage. It shows just the information lowlands demographic. Annals numbered 700 thousand., at the moment 350 thousand this year. ” – parliamentary session, December 14, 2016 r.Wypowiedź was anxious to reassure Members that in 2019. Go to high school students at the same time present the first high school classes (349 thousand.), And sixth grades of primary schools (373 ths.). Total – 722 thousand. kids.

Contrary to the words of the Minister of the Central Statistical Office statistics show that last year, which was born more than 700 thousand. children, they 1984. They went to the school in 1999. Five years ago, in 2011., high school year began in 1995, in which 433 thousand were born. children. “The teacher has the right to pursue any rhythm and pace of the curriculum. Previously, only sprawozdawał” – plenary session of the Sejm, 29 November 2016 r.Anna Zalewska MPs argued that prepared by her ministry of teaching timetables pay teachers freedom. Sami educators in talks with the DGP, and experts give opinions on documents within prekonsultacji denied those claims.

They pointed out that the Ministry of Education made a strict division of lessons for different subjects for subsequent years, and for years has been rigidly assigned teaching content. In the previous core curriculum MEN impose only a minimum of lessons for each stage of education. Their distribution decided by the school head. The distribution of topics – same teacher. “The core curriculum as the state well know, is discussed. Attention was drawn 2-3 errors” – meeting of the parliamentary committee of education and local government, December 9, 2016 r.Minister of Education said that the last day designated by MEN prekonsultacje projects of curricula. Even then it was obvious errors of spelling ( “simplest” written by “government”, a variant of the word “Narnia” written by one and), as well as substantive: the proposed readings complementary to the seventh grade reading was “from the house of bondage,” while the title books are: “In the house of bondage.” The supplementary readings for the eighth grade was a “Nela, a small reporter”.

Today ośmiolatki read it. On the basis of the history of the Neolithic period of antiquity were enrolled. And this is just the beginning of the list. It far exceeds the three errors. Read more Ministry of Education responded to the letter of 11-year-olds.

Mama student: So we know that we do not know “A child should not notice reform” – plenary session of the Parliament of 29 November 2016. “From the point of view of the student nothing will change” – meeting of the Senate Committee on Education and local government 15 December 2016. although the minister often told that the reform will change signs and seals, some of the children will feel a big change. According to Article introduced. 205 regulations implementing the law, the municipal council will be able to adopt a resolution to move the third grade, all children to primary school branch established in the place of the former gymnasium. The same mechanism will work after sixth grade. Children may change and so the environment, and teachers. “Held hundreds of meetings. [...] Of course not fail to recall how much was discussed about the amendment that we propose in this moment” – plenary session of the Sejm, 29 November 2016 r.Pani Minister was actually in the last year exceptionally active. Justifying the reform of the public consultation, however, is manipulation – the subject of any of the debates organized by the Ministry of Education was not a reorganization of the structure of education.

They http://www.homeworkmarket.me/ were, among others, for discussions about: funding education and pupils with special educational needs. “[The reports NIK] Among others, there are clear statements of rectors, who evaluate the education system. As many as 26 of the 37 interviewed a negative view” – plenary session of the Sejm, 14 December 2016. the minister Zalewska refers to the opinion set out in the report of the NIK published March 4, 2015. Rectors express its opinion on the preparation for the study of graduates of secondary schools, not the education system. He does not mention anything about the opinion, which expressed its reform of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Polish. We read in it, among others, that it does not accept CRASP ‘needs, as well as the main directions of the intended reform. ” Read more Four hours of voting and night storm in the Sejm.

Effect? Education reform adopted “1.5 billion for the 6-year-old first time in the educational subsidy” – plenary session of the Sejm, December 14, 2016 r.To manipulation. It is true that the PiS has introduced a solution transferring educational subsidies for a child of six, regardless of whether it is a preschooler, or went to school. But even last year the money for six-year were in the system, because all the children at this age are covered by compulsory education. According to the head of the Ministry of talks would begin “in the second part of the holiday” and relate to topics such as teachers’ salaries, professional promotion and assessment work. The proposal to return to the talks in the framework of the team made education minister during a meeting with representatives of the National Section of Education “Solidarity” on Thursday at the Center for Social Partnership “Dialogue”. – As announced today the first round of meetings with the trade unions.

First we met with Solidarity, because it is this association has decided to sign an agreement at the beginning of April. We wanted first of all to talk about how this agreement is implemented, but also talked about future activities in order to work towards a good school, good education so that teachers feel appreciated also by the government – Piontkovsky said at a briefing after the meeting. – Of course, not everything can work out at once and one meeting. We have established the topics which will be discussed in the coming months. We decided to reinstate such team in unions-self-government and government, who will return to the talks in the second part of the holiday – said the head of the Ministry of Education – will the same proposed to other unions to take part in such talks, as well as corporations, local government, so that we were talking about both wages and salaries, system promotion, evaluation, as well as other topics that are important for the Polish education system. I hope that these talks will bring in the end solution that will allow to improve the quality of teaching in Polish schools – he added.

Read more Deputy Minister of Education: The addition of a minimum 300 zł mandatory for school teachers thanked the President of the educational “S” Richard Proksi for good, constructive conversation. – I hope that it will be with a good result for the school, for teachers, for all who are interested in a good Polish education – he stressed. The next is scheduled for Friday meetings boss MEN: first with representatives of the Polish Teachers’ Union, and then with representatives of the Trade Union Forum. Team on the status of vocational education workers was appointed in November 2016. Piontkowskiego by predecessor as Minister of Education Anna Zalewska. Justin Dobrosz – Tiller with “Gazeta Wyborcza” said Minister of Education, Darius Piontkowskiego of the problems in the schools, which students complain. It was her m.in of activities that in some schools end the evening.

The head of the education department said, according to TVN24 that from what he knows of the overwhelming majority of schools in Poland lessons in primary and secondary schools is conducted in accordance with the standards, which ends about 15-16 hours. A journalist, “GW” is not given up. As for the reform, which was not to touch the students, and introduces chaos – she asked. Chaos is perhaps in your head for education – retorted the minister. The minister showed Piontkovsky whole culture … All the material here: https://t.co/RzwMtJenKF pic.twitter.com/nIzFNyBhKU- Newspaper Wyborcza.pl (@gazeta_wyborcza) September 3, 2019 / ** / / ** / in connection with the reform of education in the early grades of secondary schools this year will be more students than in previous years – the so-called. double vintage, the last year of lower secondary school graduates and graduates of the first class of 8-year primary schools.

The head of the national sections of education Richard Proksa said that the most important are the increases for education. He explained that the three central trade unions analyzing the situation in education and in the public sector have recognized that in order to keep wages in the sector is needed minim 9-percentage waloryzacja.Solidarność also wants more funds to improve working conditions in schools. Richard Proksa said that because of lack of money to lower the standards of teachers’ work. The classes are too many students, and schools are not prepared to accept the 6-year-olds. Commonly break and the Charter of the Labor Code and the Teacher – he said Ryszard związkowiec.Nonsensem Proksa called a letter to the minister of education of parents in the work of teachers during the Christmas break.

He stressed that so far has never been a problem. Their demands unionists handed Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.ZOBACZ ALSO: Teachers furious at the Ministry of Education. Because the Christmas break will go to work? >>>

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told TVP Info, he would like to after Christmas “took place in the form of a round table nationwide debate on the education system.” As noted, he would like to have taken part in it unionists but also teachers, educators, educators, and parents. Referring to the proposed head of the PNA declared in an interview with PAP always ready to talk about education. – The only question is to the Prime Minister, how will refer to the protest, which is behind the window – pointed. – Educational round table the question of the future, forward-looking solutions, and today we have a problem here and now – noted Broniarz. In turn, the head of the Industry of Science, Education and Culture Slawomir FZZ Wittkowicz told PAP that such a proposal during the ongoing strike of teachers “is probably another joke, or a proof of the prime minister Morawiecki detachment from reality.” Read more Prime Minister: As the state’s finances will not allow any additional concessions As he added, does not know the details of the proposal. Also stated that the unions are demanding “conversations with those who decide about money and about the realization of our demands.” Until give the PAP message could not be reached for comment section chief of the national education and upbringing “Solidarity” Richard proximal. On Monday he began organized by the Association of Polish Teachers and the Forum of Trade Unions strike in schools. Came to him a part of the education of teachers of “Solidarity”.

The strike by teachers also take non-attached in any of the compounds. According to the PNA, on Tuesday it took part in the strike 74,29 percent. schools and kindergartens. In turn, the Ministry of National Education podawało on Monday that the protests 48.5 percent.

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