5 Songs For Your Week


The first full week of July calls for some new songs to get it started off right.

1. Easy Easy (King Krule Cover)- Willow Smith

We all know that Willow Smith can model, evidenced by her latest Chanel campaign. But not many people know that she can sing on top of that. Her cover of King Krule’s song “Easy Easy” is a jam, and perfectly showcases her talent.

2. Tilted- Christine and the Queens

French singer Christine and the Queens is catching fire lately, with her latest self-titled album receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. This song is a perfect example of her style; it’s chill, cool, and makes you want to dance.

3. Veneno- Audri Nix

Puerto Rican rapper Audri Nix mixes art pop and hip hop in this amazing tune. And her rapping Spanish gives it a unique flair.

4. Manhattan (feat Angel Haze)- Cat Power (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth takes Cat Power’s ode to the Big Apple and turns it into a hip hop song, utilizing verses from Angel Haze to pump up the energy.

5. Radio Silence- James Blake

British singer James Blake sings this haunting track about not getting a text back. It gorgeous, melancholy, and worth a listen.

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