5 Songs to Get You Through This Week


Monday has a habit of not being everyone’s favorite, but here are five songs that’ll keep you going all the way until Friday.

1. Sick ‘Em- Bonzai


Irish-by-way-of-Indiana singer Bonzai has been mostly associated with her features in Mura Masa’s work, but her solo stuff is incredible. This track off of her debut album Sleepy Hungry is an intoxicating mix of dance and RnB, and will have you listening to it on repeat for a while.

2. How it Felt- Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth, a Canadian producer, is known for his quirky electronic beats and his textured sound. This track is no different; he samples his own cat’s snoring and other odd sounds to create an incredibly interesting and layered song. Definitely worth a listen.

3. Fuck It Up- Kamaiyah feat. YG

A TRENDS favorite, rapper Kamaiyah absolutely kills it on this track off her debut mixtape, which features a verse YG as well. Roll down the windows and turn up the volume. Listen to it here

4. Smoke Break- Chance the Rapper feat. Future

A perfect slow jam. Chance and Future commandingly glide over a really chilled-out beat, which turns this into an unexpected hit.

5. Mango Pickle Down River- M.I.A.

A throwback to some old M.I.A., this track off of Kala is short but sweet, featuring a very global instrumental and a fun back and forth rap.

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