5 Songs You Need This Week


Here are 5 chill/laid back songs to add to your playlist on this hot summer Monday

1. Say Sumthin- Zak Abel

This song, produced by KAYTRANADA, features Abel’s incredible vocals and an extremely infectious beat. Definitely in the running for song of the summer.

2. 1992- Rejjie Snow feat. Loyle-Carner

A chill, relaxing beat rapped over masterfully by Rejjie Snow and Loyle-Carner. This song is reminiscent of a Dr. Dre or another 90s slow burn rap. Plug in you headphones and put your feet up.

3. Freefallin’ Dreams- Saje

We featured Saje last week, but his music is too good not to highlight again. This song is another mellow jam that features his signature strings and synths.

4. All over You- Leisure

Following the theme of laidback music, this song by Leisure is perfect. Its the kind of music you put on to sit by the pool or drive to the beach on a hot July day.

5. Bad Blood- NAO

English-songstress NAO delivers a powerful performance on this song, which features one of the most interesting and hard-hitting beats you’ll ever hear on a love ballad.

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