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Doesn’t allow for data transfer between phone devices or between the mobile phone and the computer. MusicBee is a freeware media player for playback and makes it easy to manage, find, and play music files on your Windows computer.

Types Of Digital Video Editing Software Worth Knowing

If you have any other great iTunes add-ons to recommend, please leave your comments below. Your iTunes library may take up large space on your hard drive especially if you download many 720P and 1080P videos. So it is necessary to backup your media files to other hard drives. But if you copy the library manually to your other external hard drives, your may get messy folders. This iTunes backup tool can help you relocate your content to different hard drives according to the genres, making everything organized well. This review will cover both free and paid tools from multiple categories, such as iTunes DRM removal software, iTunes video converter, iTunes burner, iTunes transfer, and so on.

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How To Stay Safe From Windows Movie Maker Scam

It also supports podcasts, web radio stations and SoundCloud integration. And you can use it Macrium Reflect to sync music collection with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (8.1+) device you use. Besides, it can convert formats on the fly if your device that does not support specific forms.

You can select specific files and make a separate backup of each one of them. Despite the lack of a proper solution from Apple, there are several software tools in the web promising a range of features to manage your iOS devices. Among them, we have a pretty complete solution dubbed AnyTrans.

App To Put Videos Together

But it may not include all the tools since new ones are keeping releasing. Anyway, we’ll keep this list updated to make sure the apps you are reading here is the most up-to-date. Users can copy music back and forth between their libraries while maintaining all their ratings, play counts, and other information stored in iTunes. This allows libraries to be split up into smaller ones, or merged together into larger ones.

One management tool for all smartphones to transfer files between PC & iOS/Android devices. You are giving that specific website permissions to download files . T2 Macs also have media support for Dolby Atmos and secure authentication with Touch ID and secure payments for Apple Pay.

To sum up, above are top 10 best iTunes tools we found after reviewing couples of different software by comparing the features, performance, usability, price, etc. If you are an iTunes enthusiast, you should really gather these tools to help you get the best out of your iTunes. Besides these apps, there may be a lot of other cool iTunes toolkits we missed.

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