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Trials Evolution is a motorcycle stunt game in which players could compete on a time trial basis or against one-another on assault course inspired levels. The base game had plenty of variety but you could also create your own tracks and share them with an in-game editor. Trials Evolution was available on the Xbox arcade and had a fairly low price-point compared to most games, making it more accessible to younger audiences and a demo version was also available to help increase exposure. I tied the physics into this section as it very much ties into the AIs performance. In many other racers, you can see the sway and movement of vehicles even at top speeds.

Test Drive Le Mans is actually the tenth game in the Test Drive series, it began back in the late eighties and hasn’t returned since 2012. This game was released for the Dreamcast which wasn’t inundated with racing games at the time and was launched two years after the Gran Turismo series began. PGR2 featured 102 different cars playable across three different game modes.

One of the first racers I ever poured hours into was Ridge Racer on the PlayStation 1. The constantdrive to get that first place win was always a hanging over my head.

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Many fans of the series were disappointed by the news that GTS would feature many fewer cars and tracks than had become the norm. And there were more grumbles from those who didn’t like that this game so whole-heartedly embraced esports and multiplayer online racing. From one small cartridge, you could choose to form up to 40 different tracks which are an enormous amount when you consider Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 10 how small the cartridge memory would have been back in 2001.

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This allows for a more realistic interpretation of where NPC cars will end up and even how the AI will respond. Even the way a bump from a nearby vehicle will affect your maneuvering comes into play.

Kudos World Series, the game’s main campaign consisted of completing challenges throughout a race while driving as fast as possible, as opposed to simply driving around a circuit and finishing in first place. Other modes consist of Arcade Racing and a Time Attack mode.


But, with Dangerous Driving, there is a noticeable stiffness with the physics system, which can also be seen in how the AI reacts to other cars on the road. I’ve even had instances in first-person mode, where I literally wentthrough the car in front of me without repercussion. I wouldn’t say that racing games are my favorite genre, but they hold a special place in my heart.

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