A Pair of Sunglasses that Allow for Stealth Music Listening

Smart clothing and accessories have been gaining traction in recent years, marked by the successful advent of the Apple Watch. The main problem that “smart” designers face is combining practicality and usefulness of the technology with actual wearability of the clothing or accessory. Enter Los Angeles-based tech start up Zungle, who set out to create a pair of sunglasses that were both stylish and full of technology.

The main design feature of the glasses is the bone-conducting Bluetooth speakers in the temples of the glasses. This technology transmits sound waves directly into your eardrums, but leaves your ears open to be able to hear outside noise. It was originally designed for cyclists to be able to listen to music while biking, but still be able to hear cars or trucks that were beside them. The sunglasses also have a built in microphone, so you can take phone calls on them as well. The sound quality is crystal clear, and can only be heard by the person wearing the glasses; perfect for some stealthy listening.

Zungle is launching a Kickstarter campaign on June 16th, with the goal of a December 2016 release date. The projected price per sunglass is $89. Check out the video above to learn more about these magical glasses.

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