BAIT and Dreamworks Team Up Again with Diadora


Streetwear store BAIT and film company Dreamworks have collabed yet again with Italian sportswear brand Diadora, this time for a “Where’s Wally” themed S8000. Based off of the famous and illusive character Waldo, the shoe matches his iconic outfit with a white, red, and blue color-blocked colorway. The shoe is also constructed with leather, suede, and velvet nubuck. The insole also has a custom graphic, featuring BAIT, Dreamworks, and Diadora branding along with a picture of Waldo with a soccer ball.

The shoe is coming in extremely limited release, with only 400 being made. The S8000 “Where’s Wally” will be released on July 9th for $220. You can enter BAIT’s raffle for the shoe here.

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