BAPE Drops Full-Zip Shark Hoodie in Camo


One of the most iconic pieces ever, the Full-Zip Shark Hoodie by A Bathing Ape, or BAPE, is probably one of the hardest articles of clothing to come by these days. Resale on the jackets is usually upwards of $1000, and buying it at normal price when it drops is usually impossible due to how fast it sells out.

Now, BAPE is adding to the line of Full-Zip’s with four camo iterations, a classic camo, a red, a blue, and a purple. The iconic shark logo is emblazoned across the chest of the jacket, and there is varsity style lettering stitched on the back. It sells for $428, so if you’re gonna splurge, do it now. It’s available currently on BAPE’s online store.

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