In case you don’t know, Blade is a NY-based graffiti artist who was born in the Bronx and is considered the ‘King of Graf’ due to the large amount of trains he has painted since starting in the 70s.

Blade has always been renowned within other graffiters because of his unique approach to the practice, which displayed his own take on abstraction and geometry. You have probably seen his work if you live in New York, considering he has managed to paint over 5,000 trains.

It makes sense that Supreme has decided to collaborate with him as it suits the brand identity quite perfectly. The fall collection offers Hooded Sweatshirts, Long Sleeved Tees, Skateboard Decks and Pins, all printed with the artist’s work.

The collection will be available tomorrow in-store NY, LA, London and Paris as well as online. Scroll through the photos at the top to take a look at the garments.

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