Frank Ocean Might Drop His Album This Month


For those of us who have been waiting around 5 years for Frank Ocean to release his next album “Boys Don’t Cry”, the end may soon be near. Over the weekend, Frank posted a cryptic message on his website that contained a picture of a library card with multiple stamped dates on it. One of those dates was July 2016, which hopefully means that the album is coming out this month.

Frank originally prozmised it to drop July 2015, but then nothing happened. A bunch of random news snippets came then out in the interm year, including teased collaborations with Lil B, Holly Herndon, and Hudson Mohawke. He also released one song, “Memrise”, but the song was around a minute long and will probably be used as an interlude.

In any case, this library card will hopefully signal the end to a very long waiting period. Frank has 26 more days to make it true.

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