YES, you read it right. Fashion week isn’t only about the clothes, it’s about the shows, the ambiance, the attendees; everything has an effect on how the collection is viewed and designers try their best to impress. Unlike Yeezy, HBA actually left everyone talking, in a positive way.

Hood by Air is an underground NYC designer brand which is quickly scaling up – in the form of an iconic street and high-fashion brand. Renowned for their tendency to push boundaries where no one has gone and this season wasn’t the exception.

The show started with 5 minutes of sex noises, which comes as no surprise considering that it was sponsored by PornHub- something amazingly refreshing in an industry where the sponsors are always luxurious companies. The models walked down the runway covered in Vaseline, some with double ended-shoes, some texting on their phone and others wearing deconstructed garments with printed text that said things such as ‘wench’ or ‘hustler’.

Scroll through the photos to see our favourite looks from HBA’s S/S17 collection.

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