Photography Jamie Hawkesworth
Photography Jamie Hawkesworth

J.W.Anderson is the king of Gender-neutral fashion; in 2013 his collections were criticized for being “unnecessarily dramatic” when addressing unisex fashion. Three years later, he’s constantly mentioned in articles where authors refer to him as a revolutionary God in terms of genderless statements in fashion, he made a change in menswear that all designers currently follow and that is why his work is worthy of an exhibition at the at The Hepworth Wakefield in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The exhibition ‘Disobedient Bodies: J.W.Anderson’ will feature different sculptures, fashion pieces and crafts that investigate the human body and gender. The exhibition will not only hold Anderson’s work but also those of Jean Arp, Louise Bourgeois, Lynn Chadwick, Naum Gabo, Barbara Hepworth. In addition Dorothea Tanning will be brought into direct dialogue with fashion pieces by designers such as Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Rei Kawakubo- to name a few.

Disobedient Bodies: J.W.Anderson at The Hepworth Wakefield is on display from March 18th-June 18th, 2017.

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