Natasha Lyonne, Laura Harrier, and Mahershala Ali in Kenzo's fall campaign.

We live in an age where social media is a necessity, where even those who don’t enjoy it have at least Facebook because their family or teachers force them to do so. However, on the other side there are those whose lives are solely enjoyed through social media.

‘Mum’, ‘Goals’, ‘Marry me’ and so many other expressions are constantly seen on the profiles of those influential figures on sites such as Instagram, and this is what Kenzo’s new film is about, the 7 minutes video is packed with satire, ridiculing those who take social media so seriously that forget about the ‘realest real’.

The film’s is not only great but is also directed and written by Carrie Brownstein, who is also the main character along with Orange is The New Black actress Natasha Lyonne. Additionally, clothes from their autumn collection are shown all throughout the video. Watch the video below.

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