Last night it was the last day of NYFW and it was an eventful evening. Marc Jacobs presented his incredible Spring 17 collection, a throwback to rave culture and cult kids’ fashion. The clothes were packed with metallic colours, Art deco and delicate babydoll dresses, all accompanied by Jacob’s latest obsession: gigantic dollie platform shoes.

The collection received amazing critics from professionals within the industry such as Tim Blanks that said in his review for BOF, “One thing that is enduringly wonderful about Marc Jacobs is the way he spins his own youthful obsessions into such convincing, contemporary fashion fantasias.”.

However, there was one part that the public didn’t like about the show; as part of the look all models were wearing colourful dreads and although a large part of the casting was diverse it was majorly formed by white girls. Here is where things got heated as a lot of people state that white people wearing styles traditional of black people is in fact cultural appropriation.

The whole thing got so out of control on Marc Jacobs’ instagram that the fashion designer actually responded to the comments and unfortunately his response only worsened things:

It is a shame that such a beautiful collection has been upstaged by Jacobs rather ignorant response. Anyway, scroll through the photos at the top to see our favourite looks and head to Business Of Fashion if you want to see all the looks.

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