Everything changed at Vogue US when Grace Coddington stepped down as Creative Director of the magazine. However, her styling work will forever be remembered as part of the most breathtaking and ethereal images produced by the successful Conde Nast publication.

After working for Vogue for over 30 years, the Creative Director decided that it was time to move on, which really comes as no surprise after watching The September Issue, a documentary that explores what it is like to work for the fashion icon Anna Wintour. Despite resigning as a full time employee, Coddington will still collaborate in several shoots throughout the year.

To recognise her incredible talent, a new book, Grace Coddington: The American Vogue Years will be published on September 5th. The book includes over 300 photos which show some of Grace’s best work, all of which have been produced in collaboration with some of the most relevant characters in fashion such as Tim Walker, Alexander McQueen and Annie Leibovitz, just to name a few.

The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon and it costs $150.

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