Creative Director for Vetements & Balenciaga Demma Gvasalia has teamed up once again with provocative photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti to create another book called ‘Vetements Summercamp’ which features their SS17 collection. The book will be published by IDEA, a distinctive publishing house renowned for their unique books.

The series of pictures were taken in a chateau in Northern France and the designer’s friends were the stars. As Gvasalia said “We wanted to shoot the clothes on friends and combine it with having fun, so we rented a house in the countryside and stayed there for two nights, cooking, playing, chatting, shooting clothes, laughing, and HAVING loads of fun! It was a very special moment.”.

‘Vetements Summercamp’ will be available from October 3 at Comme des Garcons Trading Museum in Paris at 17:30 and October 5 in some shops around the world and online here.

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