In case you don’t know, Stussy has published a biannual magazine since 2013, ‘Stussy Biannual’ is an interesting collection of photography and articles that presents the brand’s heritage whilst using really innovative layouts, the magazine over all is fantastic.

The last time a copy was released was in May so its 8th issue is much anticipated. Volume 8 features pictures shot in Paris, Tokyo, California, New York and London. The latest issue also includes interviews with Larry Clark, Philippa Price, Jerry Hsu, Benji B, Lono Brazil and contributions from Gary Warnett, Tyrone Lebon and No Vacancy Inn- to name a few.

The Stüssy Biannual Vol. 8 will be available online and in-store at Stüssy Chapter locations from September 30. Scroll through the pictures at the top to see a preview of the issue.

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