TRENDS X Dourone


World-renowned artist and muralist Dourone sat down with TRENDS this week to discuss Madrid, his process, and his views on his work.

TRENDS: When did you first get into illustration and art?

Dourone: I started when I was a little boy as the huge majority of the people who draws. That was the first time that I realized I liked it as I never stopped doing it so far.

T: How did growing up in Madrid influence your artistic process?

D: I guess Madrid influenced me a lot at the beginning when I used to draw letters. I was really hung up on it and I went out to paint as much i was able to do it.

T: What’s your favorite part about Madrid?

DMy favorite part was from 1999 to 2005 when there was more freedom to paint in Madrid. I think that on that time there wasn’t as much security as now.

T: Can you explain your artistic style, which you describe as “SENTIPENSANTE”?

DSENTIPENSANTE style comes from the writer Eduardo Galeano and it means to think with the heart and to feel with the reason. In this style, three important values prevail which are: the Freedom, The Diversity and the Respect.

T: When did you decide to transition into street art and murals?

D: When I drew letters, the best part of it was when we used to hang out all together and we created murals. Quickly after that I started to do murals on my own. I think it happens when it has to happen, as when you draw on your scrapbook and one day you decide to paint on a wall.

T: Take me through the process of a mural, from the first idea to the finished product on the wall.

D: The most difficult part of this process is getting the idea. Once I have it, I start with the first sketch when I can see if it actually reflects the idea I have. If it is the case, I finish it as a final artwork with the exact colors I will used to be sure it will be exactly as the final result on the wall. Once I have the final sketch I paint it on the wall with the last changes directly on it until I get totally satisfied even though it is never the case… (Being totally satisfied).

T: You utilize color in your work, but the majority of it is in black and white. What appeals to you about black and white illustration?

D: Since I was little I always liked the engraving illustration, my attraction of black and white comes from that.

T: Describe your collaboration with Elodieloll and what that entails.

D: As I have said on another occasion, for me we are 1+1=3. We share the effort. In this way, we get to create a third entity, which is the one who removes the vanity.

T: Do you have a favorite city to create murals in?

D: I love to go to places I have never been before to create a new mural because for me it is important that everyone is able to see a Dourone’s piece.

T: What’s your favorite city to visit in general?

D: I don’t have favorite city, actually I don’t have favorite stuff.

T: What do you think about the street art/mural culture here in Paris?

D: Paris is a city where I enjoy painting mostly because it is a culture that existed for a long time and that is very integrated into the society. It is difficult to paint and to be pleasing everyone but I always felt in Paris the appreciation of Parisians people for my work. It is true that it is a city where there could be much more murals because there are many dividing walls and could be the street art capital.

T: Is there a particular piece that you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

D: I value my work in two parts, the first part for the work it represents and the second for all the things that happen around while I was painting. So more than pride I have affection for the pieces. Each piece is a different experience and I couldn’t say which one is more special for me. I know that the piece I am about to create is always the best one.

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