TRENDS x Sofi de la Torre

Over the weekend, the stylish and talented Spanish pop singer Sofi de la Torre sat down with TRENDS to discuss #popdoneright, her current musical favorites, and her love of Adidas.
TRENDS: Can you introduce yourself – and your music – to our readers? 

Sofi: I’m Sofi de la Torre & I make #popdoneright :-)

T: How did you initially get into music?
S: I’ve always been around music – my dad’s a big music enthusiast and I guess it rubbed off on me early on – but I found out I could
write at about 14. My music teacher in school sent us writing a song as homework once. I didn’t really play an instrument so I just wrote a poem and put a melody to it. Don’t ask me how, but from that, he figured out I could write. So he sent me home with a keyboard and I started to teach myself the basics – the rest is history!
T: How would you describe the music scene in Spain?
S: I’m not really in touch with the scene in Spain. I’ve always moved around when it came to pursuing my music – first LA then London and now more recently Berlin. I’m sure there’s a lot of cool stuff going on but I’m not super familiar with it. I really like El Guincho though, who’s also from the Canary Islands. His latest project is dope and the visuals are cray!
T: I see you use the hashtag #popdoneright in almost all of your Instagrams, what does that hashtag mean?
S: Initially it was just an easy way for me to explain the type of music I make – it isn’t straight pop, it isn’t indie, it’s not fully r&b…so I just thought pop done right embodied my whole thing perfectly. Now it’s become kind of my movement. Some people are a bit bothered by it cause they find it arrogant – kinda like…if you’re doing pop right does that mean everyone else does it wrong? …that’s not what it’s about. It’s a fun, unique thing that myself and the people who support my music like to rep!

T: You have an EP out and a few singles, when can we expect a full-length from you?

S: I’m a little on the fence when it comes to albums. I feel like for an up & coming artist like myself it’s better to put out maybe 2 or 3 EPs a year – it ends up being like a full length at the end of the day but the wait isn’t as long and you’re constantly putting yourself out there. I like to keep busy and release music frequently. I’m dropping a longer EP after the summer though :-)


T: Are there any artists that you want to collaborate with in the future?

S: So many. I love Frank Ocean as an artist and as a songwriter so that would be incredible. Diplo is a big one for me too. But to be honest I’ve been getting really into the french hip-hop / r&b scene lately. Such a vibe! Been listening to a lot of Rufyo and Jorrdee…would be fun to do an english/french collab at some point.


T: If we were to scroll through your iPod right now, what would be your most played artists or songs?

S: Chance The Rapper is my ISH right now. What an incredible guy. Coloring Book is insane…that song Smoke Break? My gosh! I also really love Jon Bellions’ album ‘The Human Condition’, he just dropped that and it’s fuego start to finish. Listen to the songs ‘New York Soul pt. II’ and ‘Fashion’…so moving. Also, I’m still not over ‘Ultralight Beam’ or The Life of Pablo in its entirety…


T: Let’s talk about fashion! How would you describe your personal style, both on and off stage?

S: Casual & comfy most of the time. Leggings & sneakers and an oversized tee or hoodie or jumper…i love my ripped denim too…absolute must! On stage I wear shorts a lot…lately paired that with some sort of baseball jersey and it looks pretty sick…every now and then i’ll wear a bandana too…i dunno, i switch it up!


T: What brands do you tend to gravitate toward?

S: I’m in a very deep Adidas phase at this point in my life hahaha!

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T: What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?

S: I just made some #popdoneright tshirts and I’m wearing those HEAVY!

T: How have the Canary Islands influenced both your fashion and music?
S: I feel like there’s an easygoingness inbuilt in you when you’re from an island…and that ends up showing one way or another.
Check out Sofi’s music on her Soundcloud or Tumblr, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook to get more updates on her life and times.

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