An online drama has been going on since yesterday and it is due to an article published on Vogue.com in which Editor Alessandra Codinha bluntly critisised bloggers due to the effect they are having in the fashion industry.

In the article, Codinha writes: “Am I allowed to admit that I did a little fist pump when Sally broached the blogger paradox? There’s not much I can add here beyond how funny it is that we even still call them “bloggers,” as so few of them even do that anymore. Rather than a celebration of any actual style, it seems to be all about turning up, looking ridiculous, posing, twitching in your seat as you check your social media feeds, fleeing, changing, repeating . . . It’s all pretty embarrassing—even more so when you consider what else is going on in the world. (Have you registered to vote yet? Don’t forget the debate on Monday!)

Loving fashion is tremendous, and enthusiasts of all stripes are important to the industry—after all, people buy clothing because of desire, not any real need—but I have to think that soon people will wise up to how particularly gross the whole practice of paid appearances and borrowed outfits looks. Looking for style among a bought-and-paid-for (“blogged out?”) front row is like going to a strip club looking for romance. Sure, it’s all kind of in the same ballpark, but it’s not even close to the real thing.”

The Sally to whom she refers in the text is Vogue’s Creative Director Sally Singer, who said “Please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style.”, which was directed at bloggers.

For obvious reasons, those influential and passionate bloggers who have made a career from the practice for years got extremely offended at the statements and their responses are just amazing.

Let us know what you think about all of this!

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